Lung Transplanation Study Group

  • Marginal Donor
  • I Would Approach Differently at Present: Experience Before and After Lung Transplanation.

Lung Pathology Study Group

  • Multidisciplinary Approach in Molecular Tests for Lung Cancer

Asthma and Allergy Study Group

  • Approach to Nonatopic/Noneosinophilic Severe Asthma Phenotype
  • Biological Therapy Approaches to Severe Asthma with Cases
  • Asthma and Environment
  • Salbutamol as Reliever in Asthma
  • Novel Triple Therapies in Asthma and COPD

Environmental Issues and Lung Health Study Group

  • New Standards of Air Pollution and Their Possible Impacts
  • Current Situation and Solutions in Climate Crisis
  • One Health Concept and Physicians

Pediatric Chest Diseases Study Group

  • Cystic Fibrosis 2021
  • Current Topics in Pediatric Chest Diseases
  • Cystic Lung Diseases in Children

Experimental Research Study Group

  • Cell Therapy for Lung Diseases
  • Molecular Explanations for Paradoxical Results in COVID-19 Lung
  • Pulmonary Toxicology in Environmental and Occupational Exposures

Thoracic Surgery Study Group

  • Role and Timing of Surgical Treatment of N2 Resectable NSCLC
  • Surgery for Secondary Lung Tumors: Metastasectomy
  • Outcomes of Surgical Treatment After Neoadjuvant/Adjuvant Therapy in NSCLC: What Were the Expectations and What Happenned?
  • Extremes of Minimally Invasive Surgery
  • “I Messed up”. What Would You Do? Experts' Experiences in Difficult Cases

Clinical Issues Study Group

  • Pulmonary Hypertension with Difficult Cases
  • Question Marks About Pulmonary Thromboembolism: Master Apprentice Relationship
  • Should We Treat Pulmonary Fibrosis Other Than Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis with Antifibrotics
  • Sarcoidosis: Novelties and Challenges in Treatment.
  • Multidisciplinary Approach to Lung Involvement in Connective Tissue Diseases

COPD Study Group

  • Relook Into COPD from Epidemiology to Clinic
  • Palliative Patient Care in Advanced COPD
  • Individualized Treatment and Biologic Agents in COPD
  • Should Pre-COPD Be Treated?

Occupational Lung Diseases Study Group

  • What are the Implications of the New Disability Regulation?
  • Occupational Respiratory Diseases under the Shadow of the Pandemic
  • Occupational Lung Diseases

Pulmonary Rehabilitation and Chronic Care Study Group

  • What Changed in PR After COVID 19 Pandemic?
  • Long-COVID in All Aspects
  • Role of Tele-Health in Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Healthcare Policies Study Group

  • Intellectual Property in Healthcare Services
  • Pandemic and Work Life
  • National Health Service in Its 100th Anniversary

Respiratory System Infections Study Group

  • What's Changed in The Diagnosis and Treatment of COVID-19 Disease Amid the Pandemic? What Have We Done Right and Wrong?
  • COVID-19 Vaccination and Outcomes in Turkey
  • Refugees and Respiratory System Infections
  • Approach to Secondary Lung Infections in COVID-19 Patients Requiring Hospitalization
  • Assessment of National Bronchiectasis Data (Tebveb)
  • Unmanageable Lung Infections in Chronic Respiratory Tract Diseases

Respiratory Failure and Intensive Care Study Group

  • Oxygen Therapy Two-Edged Blade
  • Management of Terminal Disease - Quality Life / Quality Death
  • Current Information About Home-Based Non-Invasive Respiratory Support Therapies
  • Current Problems in Intensive Care

Diagnostic and Interventional Methods Study Group

  • Interventional Pulmonology in Specific Cases
  • Under the Shadow of the Pandemic: What's Changed in Respiratory Function Tests?
  • Approach to Cases with Pleural Effusions

Thoracic Oncology Study Group

  • Scanning with Low Dose CT for the Diagnosis of Lung Cancer
  • How Was Lung Cancer Affected by COVID-19 Pandemic?
  • Malignant Mesothelioma in All Aspects
  • Artificial Intelligence and Lung Cancer

Tuberculosis Study Group

  • Is It Possible to Shorten the Duration of TB Treatment of Drug-Susceptible Patients?
  • COVID-19 Pandemic and Tuberculosis Control Program
  • Non-Tuberculous Mycobacteria (NTM)

Tobacco Control Study Group

  • Tobacco and Women
  • New Attack of Tobacco Industry: Entry into Inhaler Market
  • How Does the Tobacco Industry Ensure Its Continuity?
  • Environment and Tobacco

Sleep Respiratory Disorders Study Group

  • OSAS and Road Traffic Accidents
  • OSA with Different Aspects
  • Difficult Cases of Obtructive Sleep Apnea

Early Career Study Group

  • How to Support Early Career Members: National and International Perspectives

Women's and Lung Health Study Group

  • Women - Pregnancy and COVID-19

MECOR Study Group

  • Manuscript Assessment in Chest Diseases: from the Perspective of Editors and Physicians

Personnel Rights Study Group

  • Personal Rights of Chest Diseases Specialists in the Light of Current Information


  • Overview of Digital Health

Experts Session

  • Difficulties Encountered in the Field

Session For Residents

  • Difficult Situations at Night Shift: Emergencies of Chest Diseases with Case Presentations.