Welcome to TTS 25th Annual Congress,

Turkish Thoracic Society is organizing its 25th Annual Congress on its 30th Anniversary. We’re delighted to announce that we’ll convene on 24th- 28th May 2022 at Antalya- Titanic Hotel to exchange, learn from each other, discuss the current developments and prosper together in scientific and social aspects. As the thoracic family, we’ve been experiencing the extensive and profound impacts of the pandemics leaving its mark in the history of humanity on our lives, medicine in general and chest diseases. Several new concepts and practices or those with changing content or nature have been introduced to our lives with the pandemic. Several concepts uttered in the future projections of the pasts are now articulated in the thinking and practice of ‘present moment/today’. Digital education, tele-medicine, transparency and security of medical data, aerosol science, ecological medicine, models of communicable diseases, data analysis, analysis of the implications of scientific development on daily life, health communication, public health priorities in infodemic are the main concepts and elements of rapid digitalisation of our lives that come to the forefront. We set our motto as ‘’Lung Health in the Digital Age’’ in order to include these concepts in our agenda and discuss their impacts. In this way, we hope to discuss the positive and negative changes, impacts and all aspects of the digital climate in which the conventional plain x-rays disappeared and replaced by first CDs and then became accessible everywhere through e-Pulse and similar applications, a chest computed tomography image can be shared with a colleague in seconds all over the country for consultation, a scientific study can be put in circulation through any social media before publication. We’re inviting you to our 25th Congress with a view to contributing to the mission of the Turkish Thoracic Society which reads ‘’to improve education, research, preventive medicine and patient services in the field of lung health and influence the health policies related to our field in favor of the community as a health organization’’ through the events we’ll organize at the congress with the motto ‘’Lung Health in the Digital Age’’ considering the above-mentioned background.

Kindest Regards, 

Ebru Damadoğlu
TTS 25th Congress Secretary
Zühal Karakurt
TTS 25th Congress President
Oya İtil
TTS President